Vintage McIntosh & JBL System

In-Laws have a AcoustiCraft system (1960 - 61) MR65 Tuner, C20 Preamp, Sony reel to reel, Garrard A turntable and the Speaker Cabinets have JBL
175DLH tweeters, 130A woofers and N1200 crossovers.
This is mint, been inside for 50 years.
Other than a total teardown and sale on Audiogon, anyone have any ideas on where to market as a complete system?
I have been a vintage collector and trader for years, this MC240 sold a couple years ago. but these components and cabinetry are pristine . .
Any ideas are appreciated!
Try keeping it together as a package. Best to try eBay and list as a system with each component a sub title.
As much as I have to disagree with Buconero117, my experience on eBay has been the opposite.

Why? Because someone who may want your MR65 tuner will probably not want all of the other gear. Remember, it's not just the price of the gear. Buyers don't want to pay for shipping of large, bulky items, especially if they really didn't want them in the first place.

IMO, you will almost always do better by listing the components separately on eBay, or here for that matter. I would allow each piece to either bid up or post it for a fixed price and take offers. In the end, you may have a piece or two that didn't sell; if so, they would have acted as a boat anchor for your other gear. List any leftover gear on craigslist at a reasonable price in order to attract local buyers or bargain hunters.
I definitely agree with you, I know speakers, particularly vintage, Ste a tough seek.As beautiful as the cabinetry is, out really isn't practical more most vintage audio users.
I really hate breaking it down, might try one time whole system sale on Suspicion and then Ebay, but out will probably have to be separated
Thanks for the feedback guys!