Vintage - McIntosh gear - repair/restoration.

In the past have had my MR78 & MPI4 serviced/maintained by Terry DeWick. He's retired now, wondering if anyone can recommend someone? Would be nice in Atlanta or reseasonable drive?
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OP did you ask Terry, He is still doing some work..  He's no spring chicken.  The weight was the killer, last time I talked to him.. Macs are heavy.

Mike Samra, takes a while, but he is one of the best, him and Mr DeWick are best of phone buddies..

Hard to find sometimes, He's an automotive / teacher. Green sock, red sock fella... I guess he's still around... He did complete rebuilds, where Terry wouldn't.. Give you the scope before and after, BIG C20 fan..


I see that both of these units are now for sale here on Audiogon. If things work out, you won’t have to worry about them anymore. I do like the cabinets you had made for them. Both units would look better with the lights on.