Vintage Marantz Receiver

I recently "won" a Marantz 2238B receiver on Ebay, for which I bid somewhat aggressively based on its "mint" description.

I never owned a Marantz receiver in my youth, but I remember the older brother of a friend who always seemed to have the best toys, had one similar to this, with the hypnotic blue back light and seemingly gyroscopic tuning wheel.

Does anyone know if this is a classic Marantz receiver, what year it was made, what it sounds like, or what similar vintage small speakers might go well with this?

This will become my retro mid fi system for my new office and I would like sound and style from the same era.

(At this point, it is just sitting on a shelf, plugged in only for me to gaze at the lights....)

Any advice from hi fi historians greatly appreciated.