Vintage Marantz

Are there not any Vintage Marantz fans on this page? I personaly own a couple of Marantz Esotec ma-5 monoamps and a esotec sc-6 preamp, and i think they sound great(better than most new equipment). Want to here from other Esotec or vintage Marantz owners.
I have a very clean Marantz model 8 that i purchased a while back. I had gone through the motions of hooking it up into my basement system and then found out that none of my speaker cables would work with it. The amp uses little screw terminals for speaker jacks and everything that i have has got good sized spade connectors on them. I was contemplating getting rid of it but i'd like to at least fire it up before saying goodbye. Maybe i'll work on that this coming week. One of my buddies has a set of Marantz Model 9 monoblocks that i've never heard. He has urged me NOT to hook mine up. He says that i should just sell it to him and not worry about it : ) Sean
I have the 5's (six), sc9 and sc6 together with the sm6.I use the 5's to drive proac tablettes and doublettes. I keep two of the six for backups. I pull the lows off through a dual subs before sending the final signal to the speakers. Sounds great. I use the sm6 to drive rear channel in HT set up. As you may know a pair of 5's recently went for $650 on ebay. Hang on to them. I don't think with the right speaker match then can be beat. Let me know what interconnects/speaker wire you use. I've not done too much in that area.
Hey Sean,

I think most tech guys could replace those screw terminals with some version of a binding post (you may have to supply a decent one). I've seen it done quite often on some Dynaco Stereo 70s. It's probably not all that expensive, but I don't know if it's possible to put them on the Marantz. If you plan on selling...collectors prefer them to be all original stock, but I would think that anyone planning on using the amp would probably love decent binding posts.
I have a pair of Marantz One preamps, possibly the most desireable of the old Marantz tube gear. I would probably sell them if the price was right as I think they ought to be use. They are not mint, but they are quite good. Joe
I own a pair of original Marantz 9's that have served me extraorinarily well for over 20 years. They are no longer original because key resistors and capacitors have been updated, the power supply has been modified and the input filters and volume control bypassed (with significant improvement to the sound quality), but the original circuit is otherwise unchanged. I listen almost exclusively to acoustic music, and these amps have a truthfulness to the overall timbre of instruments, and a magic to the recreation of harmonic overtones, that have kept me with them over the years. Only in the past month have they finally been replaced in my system with a pair of Atma-Sphere amps.
Phild, i do not want to modify them for the "collectability" issue. Should i decide to keep them, i will do as Rushton has done and go through them piece by piece. At this point in time, i think that they'll be gone in less than a week or two judging by how much my "buddy" is harrassing me for them. Sean
I live in the uk and wish to purchase the following items
Marantz SC6 Esotec Pre Amp
Marantz MA5 Esotec monoblock Power Amplifiers (2)

Can anybody help ?
I have a Marantz PM 15 integrated amplifier -- the original 1993 model. I believe this was the top integrated made by Marantz. I am delighted with it and would probably only part with it for a VAC integrated amplifier.
I have a very nice Marantz 1200 integrated which is a combination of the Marantz 250 power amp and the 3300 preamp. It sounds very nice, warm, gutzy and musical looks wonderful and its not for sale.
Had a Marantz 1250 integrated for a bit to match up with the
120 Tuner. Then I got a Phase Linear 700, so I used the
preamp side of the 1250 with it. Was nice. Then I wondered
what another preamp would sound like, so I got a Classe DR-5
to go with the Phase Linear. BIG difference! So then I
thought that a better amp would sound great with the Classe,
so I got a Pass Labs X250. BIGGER WOW! So then I had to get
better speakers.... You get the idea.
I still use a Marantz 2252 receiver in the basement with a
Denon cdp, and various speakers, like JBL L-166's, large
Advents, old Wharfedales, Cerwin Vega's, etc. I enjoy it a