Vintage JVC VL8 Turntable - What Cartridge?

Hello!  My dad has had a JVC VL8 TT since it was new in 1973.  It is in outstanding condition.  At the time, it was the top of the line belt drive table from JVC.  It cost something like $400 in 73, so equivalent of a very nice table today (prob $1k to $2k).  He doesn't have any records, so he will be sending me the turntable.  I'm going to have it reconditioned (although I think it only needs a belt, some lubrication, and probably a cartridge) and professionally adjusted.  Here is a link to the specs: 

Currently I have a Pro-Ject RM5.1 with a Sumiko Blue Point #2 that I'm very happy with.  I'm thinking that if I really like the JVC, I'll replace the Pro-Ject with it.  But, I'm a little stuck with the Chicken and Egg question.  If I listen to them side by side with the current cart, the Pro-Ject will blow the JVC away.  But, if I put a $500 or $600 cart on the JVC and it doesn't beat the Pro-Ject, then I have wasted the money.

So, the question is how good of a cart can I put on a table like this?  For example, I've been thinking about moving up to a Dynavector 10x5 for the Pro-Ject.  Would it be overkill for the JVC?  Is it better suited to something lesser like a DL 103R?  Or something cheaper like a Shure?  I have a nice phono preamp in the Jolida JD9, so I can work with any cartridge from that standpoint.

Who can help with this dilemma?  Oh the problems of the western world, eh?  :-)