Vintage Integrated Amplifiers With Great Sound

Unusual situation is going to require me getting an integrated amplifier. Buying something that will satisfy me in a current range of production is simply going to cost a lot more than I want to spend. 

What vintage integrated amps from, say the 70's-80's-90's can be found at relative bargain prices, but provide really good sound quality? 

Any thoughts or recommendations appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


It wouldn’t be cheap, even if you could find one, but I thoroughly enjoyed an Accuphase E-303x while I owned it. I did have it re-capped, but given its age, it sounded terrific.

E-303x details

I could budget up to $3500 for something really nice. 

I still don't know what loudspeakers you are driving but let me throw this out there. A Musical Fidelity integrated. They will match well with most loudspeakers and have a classic appearance. I would try to find one that is less than 20 years old to avoid a lot of potential problems. There is a really affordable 3.2 on sale right here. 

I agree that Musical Fidelity would be a good choice. If you can find an A308, you’d be getting the cream of the vintage crop. Check out reviews.

Vintage made in England Musical Fidelity integrated are great values. I purchased a A220 a few months ago for $650. I upgraded all caps to first tier and it sounds sweet through my KEF speakers.