Vintage integraded amp any suggestions??

I have a pair of Klipsch KLF30's speakers that sit in our tv room, that we rarely use. My main system is basically done, so I thought it might be fun to build a retro or possibly 300B system around these speakers. I'm not looking to break the bank by any means (less than $1000 which would include cd player and integraded amp) as I don't want to do preamp. I have cables and such, so that's not a concern. Any suggestions on good quality vintage equipment that won't break the bank? I was looking at the Mapleshade site and they have some old Scott amps that they recondition; maybe an old Fisher, McIntosh, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
The old McIntosh amps sound nice if they fit in your budget.

One the cheap the older (70's) Marantz recivers don't sound bad. Most of them put out 15-25 honest watts and should sound good with your Klipschs. An old marantz can be had from $10 at a garage sale to about $150 online.
I have a 2215B hanging around. I don't think I will ever part with it.
As a bonus most of the old marantz FM tuners sound quite nice.

See the latest issue of Stereophile; it has an in-depth
review of the 1964 Fisher 500c. Basically the reviewer found it VERY good for making music sound like music.
Of course, most Stereophile reviews are good, so I guess you can take that into account if you want.
Seems worth checking out if you are looking into vintage amps (although this is a reciever).
By the way, it's integrated.
Oops on myself...its receiver, not reciever...shame on me!!
A Tandberg 3012 might be a good choice. They have a warm, almost tube-like sound. Back in the mid-80s, I paired one happily with Klipsch speakers. A 300B system sounds like fun too, however.