Vintage Infinity speakers with emit tweeters....

Looking for the best bookshelf speaker Infinity ever made utilizing the emit how do they compete with modern offerings?
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I have a pair of Infinity RS7's which are 3 way with an
emit, mid-range with Butyl ring and 8 inch woofers with
foam. I just had the woofers professionally refoamed @
$30 each. The ribbon tweeters really "soar" and seem to
have no top end. Base is noticable and good but I also
use a Klipsch subwoofer. I reconnected these in place of
a pair of small klipsh's which are hardly junk and am
quite pleased with the sound. My room is small so this is
about all it can handle. I understand RS7's have been going
for $200 or so on the net. I bought mine new and have them
on 7 inch stands. Next model up I believe is the RS4 or 5
which has a larger woofer, I recall 10". These are not
particularly bright speakers and have a very pleasant
mellow sound so I guess I'll keep them. I recall auditioning them when new and they were clearly superior
to anything in the store in similar size.
how big is still bookshelf? I used a pair of RSb's years ago; 3 way w 10" poly woofer, 5" poly mid and emit tweets. I still have 'em; the emits and mids are fine, the woofs need to be re-foamed. They are about the size of KLH 6s. Very nice sound wheb driven w a big SS amp like the CM Labs I had at the time.

Glrickaby- Where did you get your infinity woofers refoamed for $60/pair?