Vintage Infinity Polycell Replacement

Looking to find a drop in replacement with this criteria:
Polycell Dome Tweeter
8 ohm
1" Dome & Voice Coil
50 Watts RMS / 100 Watts Peak
Frequency Response: 2000hz - 22khz
OD of Tweeter: 3.69" (3 11/16" - 93.77mm)
Cabinet Hole Cutout Diameter: 2.875"
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Infinity tweeter

There are many many listings for these

Best of luck

Note: I don't want another polycell...morel 29 tweet or something from Dayton audio.
There will be no drop in replacement for the PolyCell - especially with your moniker. The crossover in the speakers utilizing the poly cell tweeter is optimized for it.

Best of luck