Vintage Gyrodec TT power supply question

I may be acquiring a Michell Gyrodec from a family member but have been told that it is missing the power supply. My questions are:

1) Can a replacement be found?

2) Is there an upgrade replacement available?

3) Is it not worth it?

My current TT is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with acrylic platter and Ortofon 2M Blue. I've read a little bit about the Gyrodec and it looks and sounds like it is killer table with a lot of upgrade possibilities but I'd like to get a sense of how difficult / costly it may be to even get it up and running.

Thank you for your responses and insight!


I really like my gyrodec so I think it's worth the effort.

The HR power supply is the upgrade. I found it to be a significant improvement. It was cheaper a few years ago though.

If you want to roll the dice with a used PS, this might work for you:


Best of luck, let us know how it turns out!

At the risk of stating the obvious, early Michell Engineering turntables had AC motors, newer ones (2001 onwards?) have DC motors. Consequently, if you have a pre 2001 GyroDec, the standalone upgrade PSU Michell Engineering now sell (HR Power Supply) will not work with your TT.

Thanks for the responses. 

mgattmch - if it is the AC motor, can it be upgraded to DC?

boywondr84, sure can, a lot more expensive than just replacing the power supply though. Have you checked which motor you have? Two ways to do this; send Michell Engineering your deck sn and they will tell you. Simpler, look at the motor, if there is an approximate 3cm knurled nut where the drive shaft protrudes from the motor housing, it is a AC Papst synchronous motor, if the spindle simply emerges from the housing, it is a DC motor.

@mgattmch Good catch. I didn’t even consider the older Papst power supplies.

@boywondr84 Both of my links above are the newer DC power supplies,

@elliottbnewcombjr  posted the link for the QC power supply which I believe is an upgraded Power supply for the older pre 2000(?) Papst AC power supplies. These are considered "vintage" so you can’t buy them new.

I find this reference useful: it may help during assembly.

Let us know how it works out. I’d especially like to know what year it is.

Good luck with the Gyrodec, you’ve got several Gyrodec fans rooting for you!

OP, if your Gyrodec has the Technoarm 2 tonearm, it has a habit of fraying at the RCA connectors -- it’s a continuous cable. It happened to me and the result was the left channel coming in and out. Just something to look out for.


@dogberry No you didn't. So sorry, it's been a long day. Just trying to catch up before I crash.

the power supply is found.... if the Gyro has the Papst motor in AC you have three possibilities:

1) look for the original power supply which is like a mobile phone power supply is the bare minimum

2)  look for the most advanced and optimal Michell Gyropower power supply for the Gyrodec;
it is a good solution, it allows to obtain a good regularity of operation of the plate and it has an extremely clean current.
All of this is good for the sound.


3) look for THE Michell Gyropower QC (quartz control) even more advanced and performing power supply with quartz control and electronic adjustment for 33/45 (basically you don’t need to move the platter belt to go from 33 to 45 rpm.
the most expensive but also the best in the sound; obviously the last two power supplies are found only on the used market.

While if the Gyrodec has the next motor to the Papst which is the CC, you can easily find the simple and advanced original power supplies