Vintage Gil-Scott Heron recommendations.....

I remember driving in my car and first hearing "The Revolution will not be televised tonight" on the radio and being blown away by it. I was able to take out his latest release from the library and to be truthful, was not particularly impressed with it. Can anyone provide some recommendations to fill out my CD library?
"Spirits" and "the Revolution..." are the two I like. I didn't care for some of his latest work. Both should be readily available in the library...
I assume you have, "Pieces Of A Man", RCA CD 66627-2, which includes, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".
A very sad article in the New Yorker magazine about GS-H a couple of weeks ago. Serious ongoing crack problems and he is not young anymore.
Eddaytona, when you look into the soul of someone who expected a much better and more positive world than the one in which we live; you can understand why they smoke crack. Real fact, not an excuse.
All the 70's stuff rules
What Jaybo said

1971 Pieces of a Man Flying Dutchman Records
1972 Free Will Flying Dutchman Records
1974 Winter in America Strata-East Records
1975 The First Minute of a New Day Arista Records
1976 From South Africa to South Carolina Arista Records
1976 It's Your World Arista Records
1977 Bridges Arista Records
1978 Secrets Arista Records
1980 1980 Arista Records

all these are very worthy.