Vintage gear repair?

In browsing ebay I'm noticing many receivers from yesteryear for sale. I used to have an old Sansui. These models are cheap and readily available, but what parts/repairs are available for gear from the 70's?
You might find somebody that will work on the older tube gear. However, i do not htink it would be worth the effort fixing the ss gear from the 70's, considered as "dark age" of audio. Own the old Grunding Quadrofonic receiver. Still running!
Vintage gear is stickly for savvy collectors. Just like vintage autos -constant attention to maintenance. But get those old pieces cheap and run them into the ground. Shouldn't be difficult to find someone able & willing to fix vinage pieces Some repair persons salivate over fixing older gear.
I have never used New York Audio Repair but their web site looks interesting You might want to contact them for possible repair work for your Vintage gear. I suggest you get references. Hope this helps. cheers..