Vintage Gear in NYC?

Hey, does anyone here know of a good place(s) in the NYC area that deals vintage equipment? I am in disparate need of a new receiver and or integrated amp.
Stereo Exchange on Broadway at houston.
I live in the city myself and you could make some calls to the many electronic repair shops and see if they have any gear that had repair's and now left on the shelf by the owner's who never claimed them. I also had some luck with Craiglist in the city so happy hunting.
Yes, of all places the new John Varvatos clothing store at Bowery and Bleeker has older receivers/speakers along with a few TT's.
Wow, thats funny about the Varatos store. I might go head downtown tomorrow and check it out.

That would be great, would you like me email?

Audio Classics, Ltd.
3501 Vestal Road
Vestal, NY 13850
Telephone: 607-766-3501
Hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm Sat 11am-4pm
I called Stereo Exchange and they suggested Audio Classics.
Check out toys from the attic in White Plains.
John Varvatos! What a laugh.

The old home of CBGB's. I went in there a while ago since I saw a sign
in front they had vinyl. Yes, they had some interesting original and import
rock LP's but the prices were insane. I saw the vintage gear as well, but
nothing exciting.
Yeah, I called Varvatos the other day and spoke to the dude in charge of the audio gear. It sounded pretty interesting but it was pretty darn expensive. Supposedly, Mr. Varvatos himself tracks down this old gear and buys it only if its in mint to near mint condition. And also, supposedly they don't make much of a profit off the gear and its for sale to add character to the store.

It all seemed pretty bourgeois to me.
Too bad about Stereo Exchange not being in the used business anymore. Back in the day you could find tons of used great equipment there! C'est la vie! The NYC scene for used audio (and electronic parts -- remember the old Canal Street, you used to be able to buy tubes there) sucks these days. We need some good used audio sources and a good electronics parts district again! Anybody know of any places near NYC?
Check out ebay. It has become more and more expensive over time! But sometimes you can still find deals. An integrated amp or receiver should not be hard to find at a decent price. Although, integrated amps have gained in popularity because they may sound better than a receiver. Look up Nakamichi or Denon receivers on ebay; I bet they sell for cheap...