Vintage equipment sounds awesome

Hello, well I have put together some vintage equipment and some new and I have to admit it is the best sound I have heard so far that I have ever owned. I have a Denon DP-62L turntable, a Audio Research SP10 preamp, VTL 225 and VTL 85 mono block power amps, a Velodyne ULD-15 subwoofer, a pair of Vandersteen 2C's, A Yamaha T2 FM only tuner. All of this equipment is 30 plus years old and performs great. The items that are new are a pair of Martin Logan ESL X's, an Aurender ACS 10 and an ifi DAC and power and audio cables throughout, mostly Wireworld. I would put this up against just about any system. As the old saying goes "if it aint broke don't fix it". Happy listening!
I hear you. I have a Victor TT 71 drive in a Victor CL-2P plinth with two tonearms, Audio research SP8MKII, McIntosh MC40 monoblocks and Altec Valencias. I couldn't be happier. It would take a lot of money to beat this system.
I had a B&K system, AR TT with a Grado, Nak tape deck, with Advents. Had it for years, sold it years ago to get a surround sound 5.1, which was a big mistake. I'd probably would have upgraded the speakers by now, but overall, that was a nice system. Is my age showing?
I'm pretty certain that the best system from 1960 would sound great today.

Same goes for every decade since then.

The bigger improvements I think are to be found in modest entry level gear.

My first 80s system Rega 3, NAD 3020, and AR bookshelf speakers would be easily bettered by today's Rega 3 and any NAD amp backed by something like the Q Acoustics 3030 (nevermind the KEF LS50s). 

The fact that some 30+ year old stuff can sound so good is also a testament to its build quality. 

Come to think of it, my speakers, the Tannoy Berkeley's, are 40+ years old (give or take a complete recone and a crossover update in 2014). 

I even know someone who's using original JBL l100s which might be nearing 50 years old! Again give or take the a recone or two. Apart from a slightly sharp treble output (to my ears at least) they have an amazing clarity through the mids.
Idler table and Decca cartridges, Rebuilt 60s tube amps and Quad ESLs. Exquisite.