Vintage equipment sounds awesome

Hello, well I have put together some vintage equipment and some new and I have to admit it is the best sound I have heard so far that I have ever owned. I have a Denon DP-62L turntable, a Audio Research SP10 preamp, VTL 225 and VTL 85 mono block power amps, a Velodyne ULD-15 subwoofer, a pair of Vandersteen 2C's, A Yamaha T2 FM only tuner. All of this equipment is 30 plus years old and performs great. The items that are new are a pair of Martin Logan ESL X's, an Aurender ACS 10 and an ifi DAC and power and audio cables throughout, mostly Wireworld. I would put this up against just about any system. As the old saying goes "if it aint broke don't fix it". Happy listening!
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I hear you. I have a Victor TT 71 drive in a Victor CL-2P plinth with two tonearms, Audio research SP8MKII, McIntosh MC40 monoblocks and Altec Valencias. I couldn't be happier. It would take a lot of money to beat this system.
I had a B&K system, AR TT with a Grado, Nak tape deck, with Advents. Had it for years, sold it years ago to get a surround sound 5.1, which was a big mistake. I'd probably would have upgraded the speakers by now, but overall, that was a nice system. Is my age showing?
I'm pretty certain that the best system from 1960 would sound great today.

Same goes for every decade since then.

The bigger improvements I think are to be found in modest entry level gear.

My first 80s system Rega 3, NAD 3020, and AR bookshelf speakers would be easily bettered by today's Rega 3 and any NAD amp backed by something like the Q Acoustics 3030 (nevermind the KEF LS50s). 

The fact that some 30+ year old stuff can sound so good is also a testament to its build quality. 

Come to think of it, my speakers, the Tannoy Berkeley's, are 40+ years old (give or take a complete recone and a crossover update in 2014). 

I even know someone who's using original JBL l100s which might be nearing 50 years old! Again give or take the a recone or two. Apart from a slightly sharp treble output (to my ears at least) they have an amazing clarity through the mids.
Idler table and Decca cartridges, Rebuilt 60s tube amps and Quad ESLs. Exquisite.
KLH Nine full-range electrostats with a pair of Futterman H3aa OTL tube amps!
Two pairs of Quad 57's with a stereo Futterman Harvard Music H3 OTL tube amp!
Ariston RD11 TT/FR29 arm/Coral Sleeping Beauty mc cartridge!
DCM Time Windows/Sumo Andromeda amp/RGR Four preamp/ Mitsubishi DA-F10 tuner. This also in use with the Ariston TT setup!
I have been an audiophile for over 40 years and have been in the business of repairing, installing and selling the equipment as well for over 30 years and I have to say I have barely scratched the surface as to all of the audio gear that is out there from sources to speakers and all that is in between. It has been a lifelong venture and hobby and it has bought me great pleasure and the friends I have made along the way and continues to this day. Sometimes we get wrapped up in all the newest gear or tweaks and improvements that we sometimes are listening to the gear instead of the music itself. Just have to remind myself of that from time to time. Happy listening! To the music!
Hoghead, your vintage system is comprised of pretty nice gear!  Not surprised that it sounds great.  Vandy 2’s are really awesome speakers.  I had some 2ce’s that I shouldn’t have sold.  They had a great low end, nice detailed but laid back sound.

Anyhow, Happy Listening in deed 😁
Indeed!  Currently being blown away by my marantz 24 preamp, which to my utter surprise sounds better than my 7T, and 7, with smoother mids and much better low end.  Soundstage is surprising.  This is a real sleeper.  I’ve owned it for years and always passed it off.  This is THE marantz preamp to own.  I didn’t realize that is was the first preamp after the 7T.  It sounds amazing.  My is an early 1970 model.  Decent tuner too.

Yes, using a highly modded Dual 1229 idler with a Grace 747 tone arm, SUMO Andromeda amp and Definitive technology BP10’s, modded with EPI inverted dome tweeters.  Pioneer RT-1050 half track reel to reel and Advent 201A cassette deck.  Happy indeed.

Seems fitting my first post here is in this thread!
Having recently become empty nesters, a small room became available for me to use as a listening room. So I dug out my old equipment from college days, and found some of the missing pieces online. I use my iMac to send Tidal to a Schiit Modius, then to my NAD 3130 which also juices my Sony CDP-68 and sends the signal to my a/d/s L400e speakers on stands. I have a new U-turn orbit custom on the way as my old TT was beyond repair. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this set up.
Fun thread :-) fun gear and very engaging sound. To the OP your model 2 Vandersteen are still in production ( with  many improvements ) since 1977 and beating inflation- factory support. Lovely system you have, enjoy !!!!
Well I just replaced all the "REL CAP"s and the filter caps with new ones in my Audio Research SP10 pre amp as the old one were over 30 years old and I have to say on first impression there is a bit more detail and depth to the instruments especially the ones in the background. I will start replacing the tubes (6922) when they come available.
I totally agree that going back 30 or more years will get you better sound my best sound that i have ever obtained are with the designs that were made in the fifties when they say golden age of high fidelity they meant it. You will discover a whole new level of music you never knew was even there on true full range full dynamic systems and rediscover your entire music collection.