vintage equipment repair

Hello fellow 'goners!

I'm calling on your collective knowledge for some information as to where I can get vintage gear PROPERLY serviced in the Toronto area. Does anyone here have any idea who's who in the world of vintage repair?

I used to bring everything to All in One Electronics - Robert Tracey - The guy could fix anything! Stand-up man; excellent, friendly service. Unfortunately, however, All in One closed earlier this year, which leaves me in a pickle (now that my 1971 Sansui integrated is starting to sound crackly and spitty in the upper frequencies on the right channel).

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - if anyone knows how to get a hold of Robert, please let me know. He's such a nice guy and great at what he does that that I'd still like to have him do the job if at all possible.
Why would you want to repair a forty year old unit? Cost wise, it would be foolish. Today there are many integrates that far out perform your unit, and would cost less then a repair. The going rate for any electronic tech, who knows what they are doing, is $100 per hour, with generally a one hour minimum. So throw in shipping and a search for matching parts and you have a no win. Buy a new unit and look forward to another forty years of great listening.
Check with the people over Canuck Audio site....
Buconero - have you listened to a vintage sansui? they sound pretty damned good, let me tell you. I seriously doubt that i could find another, better amp for what it will cost to repair this one.
Loose, don't waste your energy or typing time trying to convince Buconero117. Not worth your time.
Let him be happy with what he has (& you be happy with what you have).
Pity that he had nothing to contribute to this thread but had to blurt out some garbage...

I do not know if these guys can help you but try:
Thanks for your responses so far, people. Much appreciated!

Bombaywalla - I was a skeptic about vintage gear myself, actually...until i got a few pieces of my own, that is. When I got my Sansui up and running last year, i couldn't believe how good it sounded (as good or better than my Sugden integrated. Ok, let's just call it 'different', but equally good).

I had forgotten about the forums at Canuckaudiomart... i'll try there as well.

Hopefully, I can find someone who specializes in older gear like it so much!
I'm sure you'll find someone but if not come on down to Rochester. There's a place about a mile from my house called Audio Sound Solutions and they work on Sansui. We can do dinner. The drive is not bad at maybe 3 hours and 15 minutes. I come up there for concerts on occasion. Great city.
Donjr: That's a nice offer; I'll take you up on that if i can't find a local solution.

Apparently, Audio Oasis works on vintage kit...going to make my way over there before the problem gets much worse (when i can find the time, that is!).

thanks again!