Vintage English record cleaner?

I'm trying to remember the name of a well regarded English record cleaning machine that was made in the 60's 70's maybe. Anyone venture a guess?
Keith Monks Audio Labs (KMAL) Record cleaner. Set the benchmark for everything that came after.
As Slipknot1 indicates, you're probably thinking of Keith Monks machine. The Keith Monks RCM is still available - - - although the price is pretty steep: about $1800.00 the last time I checked (as I recall, anyway).
At 1800.00, it's a steal new. when I bought one about 10 years ago from a radio station, it still had the 70s era price sticker on it of 2700.00. I paid 75.00 for it, and sold it to a gentleman in Germany. Kind of wish I had kept it, even though I really like my VPI, I still think it did a fantastic job of cleaning LPs. It was a heavy bugger, and a real hassle to move.
It was called the Parastat. Had a blond wooden brush with blond bristles, and came with a small bottle of liquid cleaner that you dabbed on the brush. Had a small stylus cleaner that fit in the side of the white case. Next came the Disccleaner. Dark wood, black felt pad, red bottle of cleaning solution that stored in the handle. It was too big, bulky. The Parastat was nicer.