Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?

I have just acquired a 32 year old JVC/Victor TT-101 DD turntable after having its lesser brother, the TT-81 for the last year.
This is one of the great DD designs made at a time when the giant Japanese electronics companies like Technics, Denon, JVC/Victor and Pioneer could pour millions of dollars into 'flagship' models to 'enhance' their lower range models which often sold in the millions.
Because of their complexity however.......if they are 'unobtanium'....and they often cannot be repaired.
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Welcome to PD-444 club @luisma31 
I too think 3 tonearms on any table is ugly. Sometimes more isn't better. Luxman designed the perfect looking table with the ability to run two arms. Perfection!
@Chakster That's nonsense.  What diameter hole is appropriate for an EPA 100 MK-2? If Micro Seiki never make one, the OP's machinist could easily fabricate or over-bore one that will pivot off an outboard pillar.
60mm hole.  The mounting plate on the back of the armboard will be 69mm or 79mm depending which version. 
Luxman armbase size is about 60mm on one side, so you can’t make a 60mm hole in 60mm armbase, also there is a lock mechanism inside the armbase. This base is not designed for tonearms with huge mounting hole (bigger than the base itself). Ever seen a PD-444 armbase or EPA-100 mk2 tonearm together? @dgarretson
@chakster thank you for pointing out the dimensions, you are correct it cannot be mounted on the PD-444's existing stock mounts, what @dgarretson is saying is different, it is adding a pivoting board to add the arm.I don't have the PD-444 yet, it is in transit, I have seen pictures but not the actual unit and thought what dgarretson proposed was a symmetric extension to the TT, but it is an attachable board and indeed something will have to be devised to make that happen. It certainly won't look too appealing to the eye but he made an ingenious design which apparently it also eliminates some vibrations with the wenge extension. You have to "attach" the wenge to the base of the PD-444 though (logically),  I am thankful for your proposal @dgarretson to provide the details, kudos to you for such ingenious solution, and I know it works, but I think I'm going to pass on this one, I have a DP-80 also coming and possibly I could get or make a plinth for the DP-80 and make it work with the EPA-100.I would not want to screw the wenge to the PD-444 bottom, I know it is not visible as it is under the TT but really want to keep it vintage unmodified (if possible). Thank you very much for being so kind to offer some help with my initial question.