Vintage DD - Any modern cartridge recommendations?

I've recently begun an experiment by acquiring a JVC-QLY7 direct drive turntable that at $255 was too good a buy to pass up. There's a huge following for this table at Audio-Kharma.

Having recently sold a Marantz TT15S1-Benz Wood SH combo, I'm certain there must be someone out there whose had a modern, yet humble, setup as I've recently sold who mated a modern cartridge to a vintage direct drive table like the JVC mentioned.

I'm not looking to spend megabucks, but it would be nice to find something under $500 worthy of sampling with the JVC.

Are there any downsides to sampling a MC cartridge with a vintage DD turntable? I know $500 gets me into the door with a Benz Ace, which I used mated to an extra table, an Oracle Alexandria.
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Modern vs vintage has nothing to do with it. If the tonearm and cartridge are well mated, the turntable needs to do its own job, vintage or otherwise. So if the JVC is in good working order, you should have no problem regardless of cartridge. IOW, the JVC, like any tt, will have an effect on the total product much the same as would any other tt, regardless of cartridge. Things that improve the tt performance per se will improve the overall result.