vintage coral speakers

Trying to find out any info. on some coral speakers I have. The cabs seem to be from the 50s. Each cab has one coral 15L-1 15" woofer, two coral H l tweeters, and two pioneer PM-500 horns. The cabinets seem to be diy cabinets, because I can't find any brand name, model #, or serial #s anywhere. Any ideas?
Resurrecting this thread as I grabbed a pair of Coral BX-200 from my father-in-law's garage. Alnico drivers; single 2uf capacitor as a crossover. I'm going to try to refurb them over winter break.

Upgrade the crossover
Add a 5-way binding post
re-seal the cabinets
maybe even play around with damping materials

Maybe look into another mid-range driver? Forgive/Indulge me, but what's a "corn type" driver? Could I look for another 16cm driver with similar specs?
"Corn type" = cone, AFAIK.  Coral has a cult following among vintage buffs, so good luck with your project.
Thanks, @fraterperdurabo!

Question: one of the tweeters is bad. Does anyone here have an idea where I could find a similar one? Exhaustive net searches have turned up nothing except "alnico horn tweeter" - except it's not really a horn tweeter at all. Or could I replace both tweeters with more modern ones?