Vintage Bogen Mono Blocks D070's-

Does anyone have information on these Monoblock's? i.e. Specs, wpc, quality of sound, Value, Ect. Thanks, Rich
Answers like this have to stop stop stop. Bogens are some of the best HiFi gear ever made. The factory in NJ custom wound their own transformers and even did some work for other companies using their machines. The steel was special high grade grain oriented steel they called "Selectron" which yielded some of the best sounding iron ever produced. Their specs were better then McIntosh when compared in size for size amps. For example the DB110 is probably the best sounding 12 watt amp ever made with a bass range that is unmatched by any other 6V6 in their class. The DO70 was HiFi all the way and could produce power bursts up to 300 watts cleanly for short periods of time. I could go on and on. Their engineers were able to get 100 watts out of 2 EL34's. Their DB130 are unequaled at 35 watts and better then the McIntosh MC30's. Bogens ARE SLEEPERS!!. Period. There I said it and I am OK with that!!!
Interesting thoughts Frank. I don't recall ever hearing a Bogen amp, hooked up to any kind of High-End source(s) or speakers. I can't help but wonder; how many others have. Based on my experience(repairs/communication installs): Their circuitry was always very simple, which would lend itself to good sound, and the quality of a unit's transformers, has much to do with it's sound. It would be fun to do an upgrade on a pair of their DO70 tubed amps, replacing all the antiquated resistors, caps, inputs, output terminals, wiring and bypassing the junk level controls/selector switches, to see how they would fare(sonically).
I have to agree with Frankt88. I've had CJ gear, Rogue, Bruce Moore, McIntosh, Etc. and I am currently listening to a Bogen DB230 integrated and I would have to be honest and say that for the money, it's one hell of a sonic competitor. I think the bass is surprisingly focused and resonant, the detail is a bit lacking compared to previous expensive audiophile builds, and the soundstage is modest, but if you can get your hands on an updated piece (new caps, resistors, wires, etc) I think you may be surprised- I know I was. I am still adapting to this thing- so many tubes, so many dials and gadgets (I prefered the CJ CAV 50 for years) it has odd power tubes and I have yet to roll the 12ax7's, but I feel somehow vindicated in combining this piece with Triangle Titan 202's for a sonically delicious budget system- and I have put together dozens of combos...could I wipe this by spending 3 grand- most likely, it's how I always did it in the past: $1500 on the amp, $1500 on the speakers, but for less that $500 used for both- I can't help but feel a bit smug. Lastly, if jazz is your thing, I think this combo has unique magic, scary good with the old 60's Bop stuff.