Vintage B&W DM2a's comments wanted

Has anyone ever had a pair of these?
They're suppose to be hand made, high end speakers from the 70's Im also interested in the DM4's,not alot of info on these.
Comment wanted on their sound from people who have or had them.
I had a couple of pairs of DM3s I got direct from England about 1970. They were good speakers, I sold them when the Spendor BC-1 came out. I had had a pair of P2Hs, which was their first speaker, then a pair of DM-70s, which a friend of mine still has. They were both hybrid speakers , the first with an Ionic tweeter, the second with electrostatic. The DM series were good speakers for their time but not up to some later ones.
I owned the DM-2a's many years ago (late 70's). Though they were not bad, these speakers invited me very soon to move up to a level of higher quality....
I picked up a pair of these for $21.00 , Im using them with a class A Forte 4a power amplifier and a rebuilt Accuphase C-200 preamp and an Arcam Diva cd192,I can tell you these are fine speakers even by todays standards.
Im glad I got them.

Thanks for the comments,

I did have a pair of 602 s3 and these are better IMO.