Vintage automatic turntable recommendations?

Hey guys-
I have a Rega RP1 and it is fine and all, but I would listen to more vinyl if I had an automatic turntable. I know that is sacrilegious in the hi-fi community, but who cares. Does anyone have any favorite vintage automatic turntables? I was checking out the Sansui XR-Q7 and it sounds like a good option...
Thanks in advance!
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addyson815 ;
Some folks have reasons that may not be readily apparent to others .

kidhominod ;
I have had the same interest , will keep an eye on this thread .

Good luck

think what noromance just posted would if one gets another table, you have to then get another cartridge and get that set up properly...and not everybody knows how to do this part.
@kidhominid Among the automatic turntables these two models are amazing:

Technics SL-15

Technics SL-15

Built-in MM/MC reamps, Linear tracking tonearm and if you’re lucky p205 mk4 cartridge!
I would refer you to the thread “Best Tonearm Lifter”

There are plenty of recommendations you can look at on You Tube.

 I chose the Tru-lift. I have highly recommended it after using it on my LP12 and soon to be adding it to my Kuzma “pipe bomb”

It is a little Spendy but is well bullt and works perfectly. No effect on SQ that I can hear. Has increased my enjoyment of my vinyl.

 I just get lost in the Music and if distracted by something. The Tru-lift does its job.
I remember my old turntable in the 70's was an automatic, it was a Pioneer PL516 if I remember correctly. But there are a lot of automatic Pioneer's around. It had an automatic return. I do remember one that was fully automatic but can't remember the make or model.

Have you explored the Yamaha PX-2?

Hard to find and not inexpensive, these were about $900 circa 1980 although you might be pressed to find one in perfect condition for that price today. 

Built like a tank, they are stunningly beautiful and genuinely "high end" linear tracking and fully automatic turntables. 

The Absolute Sound raved about it, despite competition from a variety of fully manual turntables and tonearms of the day.

Even more rare and exotic, I believe there was also a PX-1 but that may have existed mainly in Japan.

There were others that were perfectly decent including the Yamaha PX-3, Mitsubishi LT-5V and LT-30 but the PX-2 and PX-1 were on another level of build quality and performance.

Good luck and Happy New Year
Revox B790 DD Linear track.
Denon DP-47 is very nice w/ low mass tonearm. I had one it is spectacular. Make sure everything works as it is fully auto.
A B&O 4002 looks very nice and is still very cool with its touch pad control system.

See if you can find a Denon DP-52F or even better a DP-61F. In the Denon line up the "F" denotes a full auto, while the "L" is a semi-auto. The "61" was the top full auto in the Denon line up...At the moment I have 2 of the DP-52F's and a DP-61F. I also have a DP-59L. The Denon's are a great table and have served me very well...
I have a Denon dp-47f and find the sound to be very, very good with my Denon DL-301mkII. It has a wide, deep, and detailed soundstage.

I have been considering an "upgrade" to a more modern table, but have yet to settle in on what I really want. Likely a unit from VPI.

The automatic features are certainly convenient. I can say that I do enjoy being able to leave the room and not worry. Also, the repeat function is nice.
Denon DP59L is fully automatic.
One possible problem with Denon is the speed control electronics getting old. They can need refurbishing, caps mostly.

Dual Golden One is auto drop, auto lift, but does not return the arm to rest.

70s Sony PS4300 fully auto, speed adjustable,  no buttons, heat sensor activation and sounds good too.
cb5300, I am looking at purchasing a 59L.  Are there some inherent electrical or  mechanical problems that may make this hard to repair in the future? How do these take to shipping if packed well?

Tony Broussard
Hello!  I have a TN-300 that is fitted with a Ortofon Blue cartridge. It's a good entry level turntable and with the Ortofon it's a bit more than that.
About the Denon and "L" or "F". The Denon DP-59L is not 'fully automatic. It does not return the arm to rest at end of play. It only LIFTS the arm. To start play the DP-59L you have to MOVE THE ARM MANUALLY to over the record start.       
A TRUE FULL is you turn it on, and the arm MOVES BY ITSELF to the start of the record. and at end of play moves itself back to rest.Agree the Denon 47F is a great table. Saw one sold at my local used record dealer for $349 including new cartridge on it.
Denon or Revox
but get an HRS isolation base