Vintage Audio Pro Subwoofer HELP

Happy Holidays Everyone. I have an Audio Pro B2-70 that I need wiring info on concerning pin configuration for the DIN speaker-level connectors. My new YBA 201 integrated lacks pre-outs and I now need to make up speaker cables to hook up the sub. Can anyone kindly enlighten me?
I noticed does not list a U.S. distributor at the present time. But, an email directly to the company may elicit the information you seek.
Or, you may find that the info is available from distributor in "United Kingdom" where older, classic Audio Pro powered subwoofers were purchased to augment limited bass of ubiquitous LS3/5A mini-monitors.
My different model purchased used, so I don't have factory literature regarding pin configuration.
Thanks for your response. Audio Pro's Euro site directed me to a US source. I attempted to contact them (3 weeks ago) but to date have received no response. Doesn't speak well of concern for customer support, does it. I will try to contact the UK folks: thanks for the tip!