Vintage ARC-Krell-Mirage -- Cables and IC's????

Hello, I own some older equipement-Krell KSA-100 mkll amp ,Audio Research SP-9 mkll preamp ,Mirage M-3 speakers.With so many new choices in cables ,I'm looking for suggestions to update my speaker cables and interconnects.Thanks for any help you can provide!!!
Lonewolf, it has been awhile since listening to a pair of KMA 100's that I onced owned (my last ss system). They were mated to an ARC SP10 and an SP11 driving Magnapan III's and Quad's. These speakers were of different topology then the speakers you mention so my findings may not be the same or even close to yours, but here goes.

I owned those amps back in the late 80's and I felt that those amps were very forward, bright, aggressive, fatiguing, you get the point. I changed preamps and speakers trying to calm them down with no success. The one thing I overlooked was the internconnects and speaker cables. A friend of mine has a KSA 100 mkII that he uses to drive BMW speakers (about 10 years old) that sound quite nice, very detailed, not bright, very tight base (only a Krell can do) mid-range is good, non fatiguing. He uses the "Audioquest" line, both for interconnects and speaker cables. I was so impressed I tried them on my tube based system and ended up selling my total Nordost interconnect and speaker cable system and buying Audioquest.

You didn't mention how much you wanted to spend but they have cables from relatively low priced to very expensive. Good luck with your search, as you will be reminded by other responses this whole hearing thing is so subjective try and audition as many different brands of cables on your system as possible, good luck in your search........Bob
Thanks Bob for your reply.I have owned this equipement since the 80's-I enjoy the system-reason for my question was to narrow down the field of cable companys to audition,then focus in on there product line for a good match.I'm not concerned about prices since I hold on to things.I'll check out Audioquest first-if anyone else has an idea on a good match please let me know.Thanks!
hi lonewolf, i am currently running a plinius sa 100mk3 amplifier with a pair of mirage om6s, however the speaker cable im using is the mit terminator 2, you can get these new at www.audioadvisor in michigan for around $150 a pair. i believe they originally sold for around 500 a pair.i also use homegrown audio silver lace ballanced cable from pre to amp, and have a kora hermes dac in my front end. if your looking to get the most out of youre setup this cable may definatley serve to help ballance it in the right direction.imho cable strengths:1- soundstage, deapth and width.2-adds some warmth to anylitical or bright system.[mine]3- better bass response[although i didnt notice this as much with my plinius as i suspect the same in regards to youre krell]4- this cable really seemed to provide great synergy with the rest of my gear especially the homegrown silver lace in my digital front end and the copper mit t. 2s at the end of the chain. some claim these cables to sound rolled off at the top, that may be true in some systems however ive never experienced this, guitar strings,piano, violins, or saxsophones in accoustical settings or heavy rock all sound about as good as ive ever heard. by all means lonewolf consider these also; as i see we have similar systems, oh and as for your system it looks to be a keeper!!!!! ps i also dont let go of my gear so i {like you}do serious research-for the long haul. regards t.w.
Thanks Tim for the info-I'll check it out!!