I have a pair of VINTAGE AR2 's . They are working fine and sound so good! BUT the cabinet finishes are mismatched and really look bad- worn finish, torn grills, chips, scratches etc. Speakers, x-overs are fine. If they are worth restoring, does anyone know where to find grills to restore the cabinets to original condition? Or should I just sell them AS IS?
Probably not worth the effort. If you had AR-5s, you would have the same cabinets but with much better sounding dome mid-ranges and tweeters. I've had 'em all and the 5s were my favorite. Don
Sure they are worth restoring if you want to, drivers alone worth $100 or so to those that need em. You make the grills, I don't know if you have the cane type or the cloth, I have a very close match on the cloth if you need it to restore. Strip emn, stain em, bring back to life. Go in and clean all the pots, contacts and such.
Same breath, they aren't the end to end all, but you probably know that. But yyou will be able to amaze people with how good a 40 year old speaker can be, not a bad thing to be able to do.
Sell the parts on ebay, take the money and buy better speakers! Split up the mids, tweeters, woofers and x-overs and you could raise $150 to $250.
If you like this spks so much and the drivers a X-over are
fine I would restore the finish/grills. How much could you get for them? I doubt it would be worth it to you. I doubt
I will ever part with my first Int. amp/tuner (Kenwood KA-
7100/KT-7300) They are in pristine condition and work flawlessly and they have little monetary value to others.
However, my father enjoys them immensely. One day, when things come a full circle, I'll be enjoying them in my old
age as much as I had in my youth. Looking at those silver
boxes should bring back all sorts of memories.