vintage amps

howdy, folks.
looking to upgrade my secondary system, and have been looking at vintage amps. this system is all vintage with PS Audio 4.5 PreAmp, McIntosh MC50 SS Monos, Rotel CDP 955AX, Magnum Dynalab FT101A Tuner and Tannoy Eyris 3 Speakers.

i have been thinking i'll upgrade the MC50s. something about them seems lacking. i have been trolling on A-gon regularly and there seem to be a goodly number of 80s amps on lately, from brands like Carver or Adcom. some of the Adcoms were made by, or in conjunction with Nelson Pass, and the Carvers seem to have had a good rep over the years.

i have also been watching Rotel and Bryston. bottom line is i've been leaning toward Solid State, and would love some input on any or all of these brands. i also welcome any other suggestions.

all of these amps have considerably more power than the mere 50 watts from the MC50s. any reason to think the Tannoys would be better served for more juice? or no?

as an aside, i lean toward the vintage gear for budgetary reasons and i feel that there is a lot out there to choose from, so why not?
keep on your list a classe DR-9 amp powerful and reliable while excellent sounding even compared to much of the newer amps on the market.
I like my Aragon 2004 and 4004. The "poor man's Krell" can be had used for less than $400 if you are patient.
Avoid 80s carver gear...poor reliability...older Agagon, Conrad Johnson, McCormick, Belles, etc would be my starting point...and Bryston ofcourse...Older NAD and Rotel would work as well...but a step down in sonics and reliability...just my .02...
A while back I purchased a vintage Sansui G9000 integrated amp. I had it all recapped and the sound in my 2nd system is excellent. A little alarming because sound is close to my main system which is about 50K
Avoid 80s carver gear...poor reliability...
FWIW, in a second system I have a Carver M400t, which still works like new after 25+ years of light to moderate use. For a number of years during the 1980's I also had a C4000 and a TX11, which were completely reliable.

The M400t "cube" amplifier, whose design was intended to emulate the sound of a Mark Levinson ML2, is, despite its small size, fully as powerful as its 200W rating suggests. Its sound quality is certainly very competitive in its price class, at least with speakers that are easy to drive (I have no knowledge of how well it can handle difficult loads). I would not recommend its predecessor, though, the M400a, which is quite poor sonically.

-- Al
I was not very happy with my Adcom equipment. I did not appreciate the sound and my amp was not dependable. Can't remember the model numbers. Amp was in the 80watt range.

I have been high on the 80s and 90s Yamaha gear. My MX 1000U / CX1000U pair perform wonderfully to my ears. Had the caps replaced w/ "new originals" a few years ago. For me these were a steal for the investment. I also use a CR1020 receiver which I bought new over 30 years ago. All continue working flawlessly.

I had owned the Sansui G9000 integrated and agree with Markus above.
Some of these amps are approaching 30 years of age. Many, if not most amps this old might need new caps and a re bias. If the amp wasn't all that great in the first place, it might not be worth the expense. On the other hand, some of the older amps are classics that can still hang with the best of the newer offerings. In which case, despite maintenance requirements, they still might offer you a huge bargain. IMHO, if you're looking to go old, look at the best of the era, otherwise consider something younger. Though not "vintage", and I haven't actually heard a lot of them, some of the newer Class D amps appear to be very promising bargains. Good luck.
thanks everyone. no hurry on my part so i am not about to rush into something that won't be any better than the Mac50s...
I am going to purchase a G9000 this week. Would love to hear any additional feedbck. My buddy brought home a G901 from Japan in 1979. Same unit and it was awesome. I still have the Sansui AU-717 I bought new in 1978 and it's still sounds great.
anyone know anything about the Nakamichi brand amps from the 80s?
Do you mean the really unstable one that was hard to keep running?
If 25 watts per side of pure class A, single ended, and 50000 ohm input impedance harmonizes with your preamp and speaker needs, try to find a Bedini 25/25. When you can find them, they can generally be had for under $1000. Absolutely magical! And a nice space heater in the colder months! ;->
the Bedini sounds appealing. (no pun intended!)
maybe you didn't see the beginning of this thread- but my preamp for this system in a PS Audio 4.5, the [current] speakers are Tannoy Eyris 3s.... if that seems compatible with the amp you recommend. i like the purity and simplicity of the early PS Audio straight-wire preamps, i keep my eyes open for a PSIII, which i have in my main system- they pop up occasionally on the 'Bay. aside from that, there'd have to be some mighty strong juju going on to make me want to step away from these pre's. this is an all-vintage system., and not that i am stuck in the mud with it, just looking to better the McIntosh 50 monos...
i dunno, maybe another preamp would bring them alive?
i am a near total neophyte here, so any and all educational suggestions or info is appreciated. i go for simplistic, two channel stereo, as natural as i can get it. admittedly, perhaps the Eyris 3s aren't going to make the purity cut? but they rank in warmth, sound pretty darn good, and have a high WAF for use in the living room... i have been thinking i would stick to solid state, since that's what's happening here already... maybe i'll bring the Quicksilver tube monos up to see what the difference is there, tho i wouldn't want to sacrifice them and let the primary system go unattended.