Vintage amp as preamp

I have a Harmon AV receiver in my family room and it doesn’t have a phono input. I have two vintage audio pieces:
Lenoxx Sound SL-700 (with phono in), A and B rca speaker outs.
Garrard Electrophonic console with built in turntable, amp, etc, A and B rca speaker outs.

Can I go rca speaker out to tape input on my Harmon receiver and effectively use either of these pieces as a preamp in that regard? My apologies if this is a ridiculous question. I’m learning as I go and I wasn’t able to find the answer online. I know it will generate sound, but will it result in any degradation to audio quality?
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not good idea. the output signal out of console may be too high. chance of overloading input is pretty big to burn out the input stages.
Gotcha-thank you very much.
Get an outboard phono stage and plug it into the aux, or other available input.
@eli_tackla I would love to see a photo of the Garrard Electrophonic console if you have one it sounds very cool!
Thanks for the advice got it jond. I've still never seen the same one online. I'll post it later.
@jond You got it...I'll post later on
Apologies if my assumption was incorrect.

I'm curious what you want to accomplish by hooking a said amp to the HK?  

@meerzistar were on point. I wanted to play records in that room without adding more speakers.
eli thanks for posting the pic looks like a very cool unit!
thanks @jond ...My next mission will be speakers that do it justice :)