Vintage amp and Hi-end speakers-good match

Hi, I have read that hi-end speakers have their full potenial with quality components. Has any try powering a Dynaudio, Paradigm, MMG, and equivalant with a vintage Sansui, Phase Linear, Nikko, Marantz, Pioneer, and McIntosh? If so, how is the sound differ from components use today? Thanks
My Coincident Conquests "sing" when run with my 1958 Pilot tube system (integrated, mpx, tuner) and Vintage Marantz turntable. All that is new are the speakers, Nordost interconnects, adcom line conditioner and ortofon cartridge.
I have a vintage sansui au-717 that sounds pretty good so I would say yes, as long as you compare it's sound to good midfi amps on the market. I have an onkyo m-504 amp which is older midfi amp and it sounds even better. If I compare them to my other two hi-end amps they don't do as well as you would expect. Now if you listen to a vintage high-end amp you could find something that would sound very good with most any speaker that they could drive.
Thanks for the responses. I have another question. How is the Sansui AU-20000 compare to high-end amplifier in to driving expensive speakers.? Thanks again.
Vintage tube gear sounds great...Vintage solid state sounds pretty bad...any new amp by Nad,Rotel,etc will simply pull the pants down on the vintage...I used to have a Sansui and a highly regarded Pioneer SX series receiver...both of which were completely outclassed by my recent NAD c350...
I had a Sansui 3000. It sounded on par with my marantz 2216B. These were both very good when they came out. However, when they came out it was in an era of audio "hell". The 2000 will not stand up to many similarly priced units from today ($300 then vs $300 now) and will certainly not stand up to vintage tube gear.
Simply better technology. Using better parts than 20, 30 years ago. More knowledge
I have Green Mountain Europos with an Onkyo A7 integrated amp from about 1978. It is a beautiful sounding combo, Better than much more expensive amps I've owned.
You guys have it all wrong. It is much better to get vintage speakers and mate those to today's fine amps.
I like vintage and vintage as a great match