Vintage Altec Speakers on Legs

I was at an Estate sale yesterday and saw a pair of Altec speakers for sale. They were fairly large and stood on 4 legs. The cabs were very dark and had a removable front cloth grill on a frame. The speakers were 3-way. They looked to be from the 60's. I can still get the pair for $20. They still work (they were playing music through them at the sale). Should I go back and get them, or should I stay away? I don't know the model number, although they would probably let me take the back off and have a look inside. I know nothing about Altec speakers. What should I be looking for?
buy them worth much more even as parts
Look for the model number on the back of the driver. The cabinet is not that relevant.
Are they horns? If they are, just the drivers worth much more than $20.
They're not horns. Just a 3 way design. Are there any particular model numbers I should look for on the speakers? I don't even know where I'd go to sell the components, and I don't want to have to sit on them because no one wants them anymore. I'm kind of going by the info I get here.
When you say "legs" do you mean like this:

or are they longer legs?
You might also Google "altec lansing vintage carmel". The link is way too long to post.
It is apparent they wouldn't mean much to you, but to someone else, these would likely be the find of a lifetime. Just leave them until they find their rightful new owner. By doing so, you will have made someones day.
The legs on these were like legs on old coffee tables. Skinny round legs about 6 or 8" long. The logo was on the bottom right hand corner and it just said "Altec". I'll look at the website you mentioned and see what I can find. I've been googling for several hours and found lots of old Altec pics, but not these.
I looked at the Carmels. It's not those. I feel more certain now that these were probably made in the 50's, not 60's.