vintage AKG k240 sextett cans....

I have two versions of these classic six passive radiator cans...EP run with orange drivers....LP with white...both of which are quite good for their vintage...the latter known more for deeper bass...both are fairly neutral...slightly recessed treble...but imaging has the AKG magic...very involving do these compare with higher end models?
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Higher end AKG Or higher end other phones?
If you are an AKG fan you might be interested in the AKG K1000 model. They connect to the amplifiers speaker outs. I use mine with a 300B SET amplification (sometimes 45) which easily provides more than enough power. I generally do not listen to heavily dynamic music.
I am extremely happy with the combination.
If interested you can search: "AKG K1000 a collection of links" ....
Everything you'd need to know.