Vintage 80s speakers...retro system...your pick?

Contemplating Phase Tech pc 60 vs Mission M 70 mkii...any clear cut winner?...I cant audition...and price is attractive....need some help....
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Easy, Phase Tech is very underrated among Audiopiles, IMHO thr "snob" factor just isn't there, never heard a Phase that didn't sound at least decent and they have parts and service for everything.
I had Mission 70's, a mediocre closed in sound at best.
+1 schubert. phase tech vg.
have never heard Phase Tech but I loved those little Missions...always regretted getting rid of those little Missions
Bozak Symphony Grand loudspeakers with CJ electronics and a Micro Seiki turntable wt Dynavector Ruby MC cartridge! Cables didn't matter much then:)