Vintage 12" W60 Alnico Wharfedales

Need Assistance,Currently overhauling Cabinets for my Vintage 12" Wharfedale Drivers Model W60 w/Alnico Magnets.
Unable to locate a Database with Aproapriate Parameters of Said Speakers. Also the Mids are Same Manufactures 5" Alnico Maganets, Model # unk, but Both, built like Tanks,& of Cast Alloy. Any Guidance would be gratly appreiated. Great Britains Most Famous Speakers.
If this helps you, I know that one of our clients has a pair of these old 12" Wharfedale drivers NIB and I'm pretty sure he has the spec's for them as he planning on building cabinets and I can ask and get him to contact you. Email me thru member contact if necessary, regards, Richard.
I have some vintage Wharfedale speakers that likely predate yours. These have 12" woofers, 6" mids and 1 1/2" tweeters.
All have anilco magnets (red cover over winding) and the woofer has a label reading "W.12/FS MODEL 12/15 ohm".
FS stands for 'Felt Surround'. Not much more to these as far as model numbers go. The midrange, stock, had no label but was also 12 to 15 ohm. The tweeter says "Super 3 10/15 ohm". Apparently these were meant to be run full range with no crossover aside from a cap on the tweeter. However, I found two vintage Wharfedale crossover units made for these speakers that I have yet to try out. If you need more info, please email me. I have pics of my speakers online as I still don't know the model number. Yours, Bob.