Vinnie Rossi LIO Or Pass Labs 250.5 & XP10

Since hearing the Lio with the Harbeth SHL5 Plus at Axpona in 2015 I have wanted to hear them paired together in my room. I bought the Harbeth and could not be happier with their sound. I'm thinking of getting rid of my Pass equipment and W4S Dac 2 dsd se and going with a Lio. I am very happy with the sound of the system but find myself wondering if I could make a big improvement. 

Congrats. Nice system. I'm not sure how much of an improvement you'll hear, you're already using an excellent amp/pre amp.  Pass amps are quality.  Is the LIO a class A amp? If I recall correctly, I think Vinnie has a pretty good return policy so if you buy it and you don't like it, you can return it.  Unfortunately, I never heard one in real life so can't really comment. Btw, maybe another consideration is to move up to 40.2 or upgrade your DAC. Both would make an impact to your sound.