Vinnie Paul of Pantera dead at 54

Sad to hear. I had a friend who was a rabid Pantera fan, and I just didn't get it...until I went to see them. Then I got it. THAT was a metal band.
My best friend turned me on to Pantera when Vulgar came out. Then on the Far Beyond Driven tour, we got tickets to see them at the Spectrum in Philly with Prong. Then saw them at Electric Factory for Reinventing The Steel.
Freaking amazing. Best damn metal drummer ever.

So many memories listening to Pantera with him. Pantera was the soundtrack to our lives for so many years. Whenever I hear Pantera, I think back to my youth and think of all the laughs and good times with my best friend.

I spoke with him yesterday and we just couldn’t believe the news. We had a long talk on the phone going down memory lane about Pantera. A lot of comments beginning with, "Rember the time..."

R.I.P Vinnie.