Vincent SV-500

This looks like a good integrated to get one’s feet wet and try out vacuum tube sound. On sale.

If you just want to try out tubes I suggest you start with a simple tube buffer.About $150.00 opposed to $1000.00..Hybrids are a pretty good compromise but IMO with all the excellent choices in an all tube integrated amp from Yaqin,Cayin and many others why dip a toe when you can dive right in?
I did dive in! I bought a Line Magnetic Audio 216 integrated amp which I truly like a lot. I might trade up my older Marantz receiver in the bedrooom for this Vincent. It is 50wpc, perfect price and power output for my bookshelf speakers.
Yea the waters pretty fine ain't it!Congrats,great choice!!!
I once own the vincent 226. A great integrated with tight bass, smooth mids and highs, great soundstage. Wish I never sold it! I have not heard the 500.