Vincent sv-237 or Rogue Cronus Magnum II

I'm in the market for a new integrated amp.  My speakers are Dynaudio X-32s and I'm currently using a Jolida JD302CRC to drive them.  The Jolida is 50w per channel, and I wonder if I'm not on the ragged edge of power for the 4 ohm 87db efficient speakers.  Everything I read suggest the Dyns like power.  The Rogue CM is 100 watts of glorious tubes, and the Vincent is 250 watts into 4 ohms with SS amp and tube pre amp.  No one around me carries the Vincent, but I have auditioned the CM and thought it sounded wonderful!  I have a relatively small room and and don't listen that loud.  

While I like the sound with the Jolida, I wonder how much I could improve it with a little more power or current.  Can I live with what I have, absolutely.  But if I could improve it, I would like to.   
If you like the sound of the Jolida you should keep it. On the other hand,if you have the upgrade bug go with the all tube USA made Rogue.  You like tubes so why go to a solid state amp?
Knowing Dynaudio speakers and seeing the specs of your speakers, you'll do much better with the Rogue Cronus Magnum. It's got lush tube sonics and with more power comes better dynamics; you'll hear it in the increased bass.

One thing about Rogue stock tubes, eventually you'll want to roll in some better tubes.

Seems to me you already answered your question.  You auditioned the Cronus Magnum  and said it sounded wonderful.  So why are you second guessing yourself?

Trust your own ears as it sounds like you found the right amp for you.

I've owned both of these amps. You'll be happy with either.
Scott, since you've owned both, did you have a personal preference?

Paraneer, the only reason I was considering the Vincent was it has considerably more power.  Just about everything you hear on the Dynaudios is about power, power, power.   However, I have to believe the Rogue would probably be sufficient.
I have a 237 and I can tell you the bass from this amp is remarkable with my 88 db speakers. 

Vincent equipment is excellent when mated with nos tubes and high quality power cord and wall outlet,  best bang for the dollar, out performs equipment many times the cost. 
Both amps are heavy. The Rogue is a space heater. Great when I lived in MN, not for my recent move to NC (hence I sold it). Both bring loads of mustard. The Vince is ss but mellowed by the pre tubes. Again: you'll be happy w/either. Personal choice in the design, visuals, etc.
There has been a lot of discussions lately on class D.   Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder how an amp from Class D Audio and a Vincent tube pre-amp would sound?  Would be plenty of power for the Dyn's!
I actually have a class d audio sds 470c that I used In conjunction with the 237's preouts. Sounds great but I don't use it because I don't have the space in my rack the class d is much more transparent but there is something about the amp In the 237 that appeals to my listening tastes. I'd say it's a bit warmer and the bass seems more articulate using the amp in the Vincent.

I might also suggest the hybrid rogue pharaoh which utilizes the hypex modules if your curious about class d.