Vincent SV-236MK vs. Sheng Ya A10CS MKII


I have seen a number of threads where it has been suggested that the Vincent SV-236MK (sometimes refered to as the Vincent tubeline SV-236MK is that same as the Sheng Ya A10CSII.

I recently researched and listened to the later report here and found that this is not the case.

Certainly both products are built by the same manufacturer in China, Zhongsan ShengYa Technological Co. Ltd, and share some common design elements but there are some significant differences beyond the fact that one unit sells for US$2000 and the other US$550.

A number of magazines have written favourably about the SV-236 with Stereophile in particular concluding:

"No doubt the Vincent TubeLine SV-236MK is not the only component costing $2000 that's capable of producing such a high level of performance, but it's certainly one that's ridiculously easy to recommend. It's the kind of component that gives me—and should give you—hope for the future of this great hobby."

I am wondering whether anyone has had both products side by side to compare how they sound? As i see it they should sound different given the differences in pre-amp and power supply designs.