Vincent SV-236 remote control

I have a Vincent SV-236 integrated amp and the remote control went bad recently due to battery corrosion.  Should I try to buy a new one or would it be more cost effective to get an universal remote.  Anyone has experience with this?  Thanks.
I have Vincent products.....I would get the replacement from never know when you want to sell it. But if you dont think you are going to get rid of it in the future, get another brand if its cheaper.
I second the option to get the replacement from Vincent if only for practical purposes. However, and not contradicting... I never use mine, as my commands are programmed into my Philips Pronto 7500 and Marantz 9500 universals. This for me is more convenient and may be a simpler/cheaper option in your case. My SV-236 is in an equipment closet powering speakers in a second floor/zone location. Funny thing, the direct commands for volume did not program well but I was easily able to find them on 

Now I'm looking into upgrading the tubes. Good luck!