Vincent SP 331 MK tube ?

I need to identify replaceable tube in my Vincent SP331MK. I know the soldered tubes are 6N16B. every one (including Vincent web-site), says it's 12AU7 or 6NIO. It's neither. Tube in my amp is smaller with only 7 pins. Can't read # on tube, so I'm stuck. Can anyone help or refer me to someone. Can't speak German so contacting Vincent directly is out. Thanks for your time.-----Mitch
Mitch - Audio Advisor carries this amp. In a customer review, I found the
following. The tube is identified as an ECC91.

Customer review from the Audio Advisor website:

"Ive had this amp for about 4 months now. This amp is a giant killer. The
performance Is well above the price. You would expect a amp that performs at
this level to be priced more. The sound is clear and transparent. Most hybrids
sound like solid state, but not Vincent..nice tube sounding a with the slam of SS.
I did find if you leave the stock tubes in, the treble will sound a little soft, so I do.
Recommend changing the tube. The ad for this amp list the amp as having a
12au7, but thats not the case. The more recent amps have a ECC91 tube. I was
disappointed to learn this after attempting to change what I though was a 12au7.
And to complicate matters its a 7 pin tube and not the traditional 9 pin tube. But
this is really a blessing in disguise as the tube is in great supply. And I can get
plenty of NOS at unbelievable prices...most under $10 buck. I run Valvo NOS
ECC91s and the amp is outstanding...sounds great and can drive just about any
speaker out there. I love it."
I had one of these amps at one time.

The tube is indeed an ECC91. You can also use a 6J6/6J6A/6N15P equivalent.
Thanks a lot Ghosthouse. you were a great help.
Thanks Mofimadness. You were able to answer even dealers couldn't answer.
You are welcome Mitch. Glad to help. Hope you are enjoying the amp.