Vincent SA-T7 --Attenuator Question

I'm trying out a Vincent SA-T7 preamp.  It sounds glorious.  I built the tubes4hifi SP14 preamp, which is the basis for Don Sachs' preamp.  I did a cost no object upgrade and really went to town on build parts--just to see.  

The Vincent is just better.  I was hoping it wouldn't be.  It is.   Disclaimer-- my system, my room, etc. 

Now, on to my question. 

The Vincent has a pretty big heaping helping of gain.  I'd like to attenuate the signal to my Carver Crimson 275 amp, as we are at full bore volume at, say, 10 o'clock--and I mean LOUD.  I could do a dB test too just to see. 

At any rate, has anyone combatted this issue with Rothwell attenuators?  
I don't know about the gear you mentioned.

Louder isn't always better. It depends on the track/recording.

For instance, if you listen to - Born to Win by Roxanne Potvin too loud, there are sharp peaks in her voice that would be fatiguing at higher volumes.

At reasonable volume,  a fairly neat way to put an edgy spin on the track.  But overall, she has a beautiful voice and I can't fault it.

On another note -even some high-end gear will introduce a non-linear frequency curve at very loud volumes. Well, it's made for humans..the transducers and what-not.