Vincent - PHO-8 or Creek OBH-15 phono pre amp


I think I have narrowed it down between the two.I would like to hear form anyone who has heard one or the other or both. Any other suggestions I'd like to keep in in that price range.

Will the phono pre on the onkyo be just as good. mm only

Linkwitz Orion 3 w/ATI 12 ch amp
VPI Scout II w/Shure V15 Vxmr /dynavector 10x5
onkyo TX-8555 as pre amp

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What did you end up getting or doing? I'm trying to find opinions here about the Vincent Audio PHO-8 but haven't had much luck. The Vincent looks nice though.
Hi, sorry I just seen your post about the Vincent - PHO-8 .
I ened up with a Emotiva UPS-1, not the best quality control but, it sounds good and has a phono input which sounds real good. So for $369.00 I think I did ok. One note, I had a problem with it and found some pretty bad solder connections. Refowed the bad joints ( about 8) and all is fine now.
Hi Frank

Thanks for taking the time out to give an update on what you selected. Well some time has passed for me to since I posted on this thread and in my 2nd system I did end up also with an Emotiva USP-1. I got it used but still found it to be a very enjoyable good sounding preamp. The phono input was quite nice as was the headphone section as well. I didn't have issues with the solder connections though.