Vincent monoblock vs Rogue 120/150 monos

I haven't seen any comments about Vincent product at all.
I'm looking to upgrade from my Rotel. I just got the Rogue Perseus tube preamp, I know matching with Rogue is good, but size and cost of Vincent (and look) is appealing. I'm driving magnepan 1.6's and I do hope to go to 3.6's after getting the electronics set and the system paid for!
Although I use Rogue 120 Magnums with my Apogee panels with good results, someone at this forum mentioned, that they are not a good match with the Maggies. I'll guess that Maggies are harder to drive than my Apogees?

You should be able to find that old thread in a search.

AFAIK....The Vincent amps are hybrids, they will make more power at 4 ohms than the Rogues.

Well, I took the plunge to the Rogue monoblocks should be here in a week, We'll see.