Vincent integrated amplifiers. I'd be grateful for your experience.

I'm looking at Vincent integrated. Specifically the SV500 and SV-237 models. While I am leaning to the 237 It weighs 45 pound and I am not a strong as I used to be. Gravity, age and cancer treatments doing their part in the decline. However I can probably handle it. Life's a bear. 

I'd love to know your experience with these amps or even their stand alone power amp the 332? Thanks in advance. 


My friend has the 237 paired with JBL's.

Sounds great, rich deep bass and very good



I have the Vincent SV-500 and like it very much. Coming up on 3 years of ownership. The Amp is connected to Martin Logan Motion 40's.

I originally wanted the SV-237 but at the time could not justify the extra cost. But I am fine with that decision now. I never tried to upgrade the tubes simply because as is, my system sounds great to me and I did not want to take the risk of losing the sound that I have now.

I can't really tell you my experience as some big audiophile with audiophile terminology. All I can say is that it is quite satisfying to listen to but of course, speakers also matter very much. I do not feel that my system sounds cold or harsh (regardless of the content that I am listening to). Everything sounds warm, inviting and rich.

I have posted my system in the virtual systems, you can check it out: Jay's Virtual System and I also made a Youtube Video: Youtube

I hope that helps a little. 

If you have any questions, please ask, I will try my best to answer them.


I had a Vincent SV-237 (not the MK model) in my near field system for a while.  Very nice piece for the price, plenty of power and dynamics and easy to listen to.  It's pretty neutral, if anything leaning towards the warm side.