Vincent Audio tube preamp SA-T7 & SP-332 power amp

I was just curious if anyone can comment on this combination.  not a ton of info out there about these (the SP-332 is new) but i was hoping someone might be able to describe the build quality, sonics, etc.   thanks 

Are you able to Post Links to the Tests? I've searched but unable to find.

FWIW, 3 friends/acquaintances A/B'd SA-T7 & SA-T8 (both Stock), all 3 including owner of SA-T7, preferred the SA-T8.

I then A/B'd, SA-T8 was a Clear Winner. However I had upgraded Tubes in SA-T8, which may not have been a fair comparison.

The SA-T7 is a good Pre, and a great Value, but the SA-T8 is outstanding.

The main difference and could be why some may prefer SA-T7, is the SA-T7 is more a "Studio" Sounding Pre (some use the term "Detailed"). The SA-T8 is more "Live" Music Pre. a sound I much prefer.
I own a Vincent/Kavent preamp that is astonishingly good, and was only replaced by a tubed preamp...still have the Kavent S-33 (Vincent SA-93 rebadged for some reason) though, and will likely keep it forever. Great preamp.
The tests are in German and Danish.
can provide a link if you need 
Yes. That would be interesting to read. English Translation?