Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today

So I have a Vincent Audio SV-500 arriving today.

Pretty excited and not sure what I am going to experience (something good I hope of course!)
They will be connected to Martin Logan Motion 40’s, Questyle CMA400i DAC and Denon dp-300f TT with a Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi Res music from my HTPC (DSD and other Flac Files).

Since the Vincent does not have a phono stage for now, I will need to use the built in phono in the Denon.

And I will be comparing to my current source, a Denon AVR-5700.Perhaps not as much power as the Denon but am hoping that I am going to like.
I think the following will happen:
- I absolutely love it and stay with it- I don’t see a big difference from the Denon and return it- I don’t like the sound of a Hybrid Amp and return it and get a SS Amp (maybe a Yamy AS1100 or 2100)- I like it very much and get curious about the SV-237MK and so exchange for that
Got roughly 30 days to figure it out.
We’ll see....
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I really enjoy my SV500. It is in a vacation home so I don’t hear it daily, but when I do it is very pleasant. Running it through modded Klipsch Quartets. With high efficiency speakers it can go painfully loud with distortion free sound. Sounds great on low volume which I really appreciate. 

Please, you have GOT to be kidding here!!! Your comment:  "...Huh. I have only heard the Yamaha from many youtube videos (which on my system has accurately shown the sonic signature). All the Yamaha integrateds have a very bright and solid state sound...."

Euh, getting an accurate sonic signature from YouTube videos?

If you actually listen to a top-tier Yamaha, they actually have a very neutral yet smooth sonic delivery. Some will say a hint of tubes, but never, ever a bright solid state sound. I do not have any affiliation with Yamaha but have enjoyed both the AS2000 and AS3000 for years.

If you hear bright sound, I would look for something in your system as the culprit, maybe your speakers or current amplifier?

And please, do not judge sound from YouTube, it is very misleading and folks looking for good advice can be steered in the wrong direction if all you bring to the table is YouTube as a reference.
Just received an SV-500 and using it to drive a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.2's which retail for $999 pair.  Sounds excellent so far.  My question is for the poster with the Alta Audio Alec's.
Those speakers are simply not w/in my budget but I am very curious if they could possibly be ten times better sounding than my Wharfedale's.