Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today

So I have a Vincent Audio SV-500 arriving today.

Pretty excited and not sure what I am going to experience (something good I hope of course!)
They will be connected to Martin Logan Motion 40’s, Questyle CMA400i DAC and Denon dp-300f TT with a Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi Res music from my HTPC (DSD and other Flac Files).

Since the Vincent does not have a phono stage for now, I will need to use the built in phono in the Denon.

And I will be comparing to my current source, a Denon AVR-5700.Perhaps not as much power as the Denon but am hoping that I am going to like.
I think the following will happen:
- I absolutely love it and stay with it- I don’t see a big difference from the Denon and return it- I don’t like the sound of a Hybrid Amp and return it and get a SS Amp (maybe a Yamy AS1100 or 2100)- I like it very much and get curious about the SV-237MK and so exchange for that
Got roughly 30 days to figure it out.
We’ll see....
@auxinput Thanks for the input. I have read  many reviews from users stating that the Yamaha's sound warm and tube like, have you experienced that?

Huh.  I have only heard the Yamaha from many youtube videos (which on my system has accurately shown the sonic signature).  All the Yamaha integrateds have a very bright and solid state sound. 
jay73,So what did you decide?  I just read the responses to your post and kinda cringed.  I have owned a Vincent SP-331 (loved it--great bass!), a Vincent preamp (SA-31 maybe?  quite musical with an Emotiva amp), and an integrated all-tube Vincent (produced by a Vincent subsidiary if I recall).  My one contribution is this: Vincents take a long time to break in!  Letting your new Vincent play (at low volumes) all day while you're at work for a week will make a huge difference.  I found your post while considering a Vincent integrated.  Too late for your audition but might help future Vincent auditioners. 


I completely forgot about this thread.

To answer your question, I did end up staying with the Vincent SV-500.

If you look on my Virtual Systems Page, you will see it there and I also created a Youtube Video on my system.

I have been quite happy with it so far and I am also considering adding a Vincent Amp but that might be a little down the road.

I see that you have some solid experience with Vincent.

I originally really wanted the SV-237MK but as I said, quite satisfied at the moment.

I have the Rotel RA-1572, a Cambridge 851A and a Sim Audio 340i DPX an older version. The Sim is more 'audiophile' sounding for lack of better designation with more detail. I listen to music low to medium levels. For me the Rotel is the warmest, yet fairly dynamic. Was looking at the Vincent is why this thread caught me. Cambridge is pretty neutral and a very nice integrated too. Of these, for me, the Rotel fills the bill.