Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today

So I have a Vincent Audio SV-500 arriving today.

Pretty excited and not sure what I am going to experience (something good I hope of course!)
They will be connected to Martin Logan Motion 40’s, Questyle CMA400i DAC and Denon dp-300f TT with a Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi Res music from my HTPC (DSD and other Flac Files).

Since the Vincent does not have a phono stage for now, I will need to use the built in phono in the Denon.

And I will be comparing to my current source, a Denon AVR-5700.Perhaps not as much power as the Denon but am hoping that I am going to like.
I think the following will happen:
- I absolutely love it and stay with it- I don’t see a big difference from the Denon and return it- I don’t like the sound of a Hybrid Amp and return it and get a SS Amp (maybe a Yamy AS1100 or 2100)- I like it very much and get curious about the SV-237MK and so exchange for that
Got roughly 30 days to figure it out.
We’ll see....

I think it will spank the Denon's butt and make it run crying home to Mommy. Whether you want the more powerful one depends on your speakers I guess.

Seriously, I don't have one and haven't heard it, but I have read such high praise about their amps on forums. There must be something to it.

Hello Roxy54,
Yes I have the same thoughts and have read most of the reviews and praise. For some reason, Vincent really has been stuck in my head and I know I won't be satisfied until I hear it for myself.
I came within a sneeze of buying their top preamp from Audio Advisor a couple of weeks ago, and then at the last minute, I decided on an Audio Note Kits EL34 integrated instead. I'm still curious about that preamp though...
I got my Brother to get a SV-500. Although he's only very casually into Music/Hi-fi. He loves it. Absolutely annihilated his admittedly old Musical Fidelity B1. He's happy with the built in Dac as well.

Over here in Australia, I have been fortunate to pick-up some of the Vincent gear at super bargain prices over the years. Some of it, the Top of the line Equipment has blown away some Big Name, much more expensive gear. 

Who ever designs the Vincent Equipment really gets the "musicality" side of it.