Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today

So I have a Vincent Audio SV-500 arriving today.

Pretty excited and not sure what I am going to experience (something good I hope of course!)
They will be connected to Martin Logan Motion 40’s, Questyle CMA400i DAC and Denon dp-300f TT with a Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi Res music from my HTPC (DSD and other Flac Files).

Since the Vincent does not have a phono stage for now, I will need to use the built in phono in the Denon.

And I will be comparing to my current source, a Denon AVR-5700.Perhaps not as much power as the Denon but am hoping that I am going to like.
I think the following will happen:
- I absolutely love it and stay with it- I don’t see a big difference from the Denon and return it- I don’t like the sound of a Hybrid Amp and return it and get a SS Amp (maybe a Yamy AS1100 or 2100)- I like it very much and get curious about the SV-237MK and so exchange for that
Got roughly 30 days to figure it out.
We’ll see....

I think it will spank the Denon's butt and make it run crying home to Mommy. Whether you want the more powerful one depends on your speakers I guess.

Seriously, I don't have one and haven't heard it, but I have read such high praise about their amps on forums. There must be something to it.

Hello Roxy54,
Yes I have the same thoughts and have read most of the reviews and praise. For some reason, Vincent really has been stuck in my head and I know I won't be satisfied until I hear it for myself.
I came within a sneeze of buying their top preamp from Audio Advisor a couple of weeks ago, and then at the last minute, I decided on an Audio Note Kits EL34 integrated instead. I'm still curious about that preamp though...