Vincent Audio - PHO-111- MM/MC - Phonostage?

Anyone know anything about this little phono stage? Heard it maybe?
Hi Hawkeye666

I had asked an online e-tailer that sells both the Vincent Audio PHO-111 and the Cambridge Audio 640P which they prefer. A couple of staff members got back to me told me they preferred sound the 640P. I know you are probably tired of members here pushing the 640P but at the sub $200 price point it is really hard to beat.

I hope other members can help you with this.
I'm all but decided on the Cambridge. The raw specs for both the 640 and 540 are the best in my price range. But I don't have the option of auditioning equipment so I am trying to balance I research and inexperience with the experiences of everyone here. So I enjoy the range of opinions I see in reading both my threads as well as others that pertain to my interests. I am quite satisfied with the replies I get to most of posts.

Just like your reply to this one, yeah?